"Clouds gathered, storms rose, the time of trials had come."
Trials of Strife

Heroes participating in the trials

The Trials of Strife are a series of training exercises for the heroes of Strife, as they train in preparation for the arrival of the Dharkwave horde, who prophecy says will emerge from the sealed realm of Sheol. The trials consist of two teams doing battle against each other,[1] one named "Team Glory," the other "Team Valor."[2]

Not everyone believes in the prophecy, however. Some doubt if it’ll ever come true and fear that they’re just being manipulated. And while none of the heroes are inherently evil, a few of them have their own selfish agendas for participating in the Trials — they might seek fame, power, or information (if they’re acting as a spy for someone else). Whatever the truth may be, only the Keepers of the Code know it.[1]


The Trials are basically an in-universe representation of Strife's MOBA gameplay.


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