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Strife is a MOBA from game developer S2 Games.


Strife is a MOBA from game developer S2 Games, makers of Heroes of Newerth. The game features a number of changes to the traditional MOBA, including more flexible characters, a smaller map, and a crafting system for making items.

AceSelectHeroes HexbaneItems FitzPets CindaraIconNeutrals Latest Patch


AceSelect BastionSelect BlazerSelect BoSelect
Ace Bastion Blazer Bo
CapriceSelect CarterSelect ChesterSelect ClaudessaSelect
Caprice Carter Chester Claudessa
FetterstoneSelect GokongSelect HaleSelect HarrowerSelect
Fetterstone Gokong Hale Harrower
IahSelect JinSheSelect LadyTinderSelect MaladySelect
Iah Jin She Lady Tinder Malady
MinervaSelect MoxieSelect NikolaiSelect RaySelect
Minerva Moxie Nikolai Ray
RookSelect ShankSelect TrixieSelect VermillionSelect
Rook Shank Trixie Vermillion
VexSelect ZakuSelect
Vex Zaku


Bounder3 Fitz3 Luster3 Mystik3 Pincer3
Bounder Fitz Luster Mystik Pincer
Plunder3 Razer3 Tink3 Topps3 Tortus3
Plunder Razer Tink Topps Tortus


Agility Relic Boots Health Elixir Power Conduit Iceforged Plate Diadem Hexbane
Basic Boots Consumable Damage Defensive Mana Utility

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