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"We call this world Strife. And that's what it is. In the old times, the Oracles named it Stryfe. Which means "inheritance" in the old tongue. But now it is just Strife. A place of conflict. A place of chaos. Because it seems that the only things we inherited here...were struggles. And pain."

The plane of Strife

Strife (formerly called "Stryfe")[1] is a world connected to six planes. It was shaped by the Keepers of the Code and the Oracles,[2] and to this day is watched over by the former group.[1]

In Strife, everything is connected. Things come back around and they reaffirm themselves, and catastrophes that begin in the past give allusion to a catastrophe in the future. The recent Dharkwave threat is an example of this idea of reciprocal existence, as the world of Strife has had it’s share of war, battles, and chaos.[3]


Strife has had it’s share of war, battles, and chaos over its history, including the Great War.[3] After Strife's inhabitants ravaged the world with war, the gates to adjacent planes were opened.[4] Strife is actually a plane of its own, but is largely forgotten, and regarded as an "old world." It used to host a large array of races and species, but those races left Strife fairly void of inhabitants (aside from a few holdout cities) as the other planes offered diversity and specialization to appeal to different races in different ways. So, the races have left Strife. And in their exodus, they have left behind many cryptic secrets and old superstitions.[2]

A prophecy says that a sealed sixth plane, the underworld Sheol, will one day reopen and let the Dharkwave, a race of demonic beings, invade. Thus, the Trials of Strife were enacted, to train heroes for the coming conflict.[5] The old ways have now begun to resurface and take relevancy once again, as heroes come to Strife from the outlying planes to save it, and their homes, from destruction.[2]

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The gateway from Astora to Strife


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