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Strife is an upcoming MOBA from game developer S2 Games, makers of Heroes of Newerth.

The game is set for a 2014 release, with a beta to occur in the fall.[1] It is aimed for the casual playerbase.[2]


  • Reduced Toxicity: Redefined roles and resource sharing mechanics ensure that you compete against your opponents, not your teammates.
  • Pets and Crafting: Choice-driven progression allows you to level up items and companions, creating deep, customizable gameplay.
  • Action-orientated Design: Spend more time in the action and less time running back to base.
  • Truly Free-to-play Heroes: Every hero is available to every player — no unlocking necessary.[3]


A shadow has fallen over the Plane of Strife. An ancient evil, the Dharkwave horde of Sheol, is rumored to have arisen once more. The only thing that stands between the peaceful races of Strife and the threat of deadly invasion is a Rune of Darkstone, the only key that can open the portal to the underworld of Sheol.

For generations this mystical item, a fragment of the ancient Dark Obelisk, has been kept by the Keepers of the Code, the sacred guardians of the Planes of Strife. But the cryptic rune has gone missing. And some fear the worst. In preparation of a Dharkwave invasion, the Keepers of the Code have built an Arena in Strife, with the hope that the fabled Army of Light might be trained there. (And some even say the Golden Child of prophecy has appeared there, riding his musical Zidek dragon.)

Now, the mightiest heroes from the 5 planes are gathering together to face this new dread. They have come to Strife from their home Planes of Gael, Vorbis, Nestra, Tempra and Lyrie to battle in the arena, to prove their worth and to represent their people in the coming battle.

Some will rise. Some will fall. And all will be pushed to the limits of their strength and courage. These are the days of darkness.

These are the Trials of Strife.[3]


The game features a number of changes to the traditional MOBA, including more flexible characters, a smaller map, and a crafting system for making items.[3] A story-based[4] tutorial system is available for new players. Each hero can choose between one of four available outfits, and choose one of two pets to take with them to the field. Items can be bought whilst in the field, and have "recommended" tabs, helping players. The game is more focused on teamplay than solo play.[2] Examples of this are: gold distribution is more team-oriented, pushing the lane being an option at the start of the game, players can pick your items and hero before you get into the queue allowing the player to think about their options without feeling rushed.[4] A karma system also exists.[5] S2 also changed mechanics to keep the action up and the skill ceiling high, such as removing wards to increase action, out-of-combat regeneration to encourage harass, and Krytos to discourage passive play.[4] A courier delivers items to heroes.[6]

The game features a matchmaking service. This is divided into "skill tiers" into various global regions. Ranked play is intended for implementation in the future.[7]

The game is free to play. However, while cosmetic only items such as ‘skins’ will be premium only, anything that affects gameplay (pet levels, crafted items, enchanting items) will be achievable through gameplay alone.[4]

The game will feature a ladder system.[8]

Additional ModesEdit

  • Scrimmage Mode: A matchmaking service. A team of 5 is formed beforehand through the system, after which a match will be sought for. Teams are given ratings as an aggregate taken from the performances of the players that make up said team.
  • Captain's Mode: Each team's captain bans a single hero from the hero pool. After this, captains will alternate in drafting heroes for their team. This ensures that the same hero will never appear on both teams.[9]



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