Pets are a feature of Strife, available to all heroes

At level 1, a player can choose 1 pet from Mystik, Pincer and Tortus as their pet. The level of the pet increases alongside the player's account level, and learns and level up their skills on the way.Players can unlock more pets by spending feathers gathered at the end of each match.

Adult and baby skins for all pets are available.[1]


Bounder Skills
  • Slide Slide
  • FrostbiteBounder Frostbite
  • Quick Quick
Bounder excels at boosting mobility.
Fitz Skills
  • Shadow Stalk Shadow Stalk
  • Bounty Bounty
  • On the Prowl On the Prowl
Fitz excels in ganking enemy heroes.
Luster Skills
  • Blast Blast
  • Greed is Good Greed is Good
  • Luster Touch Luster Touch
Luster excels at boosting gold income.
Mystik Skills
  • Inspiration Inspiration
  • Dive Bomb Dive Bomb
  • Spell Mastery Spell Mastery
Mystik excels at boosting spell casters effectiveness.
Pincer Skills
  • Breakout Breakout
  • Retaliate Retaliate
  • Defense Defense
Pincer excels at boosting resistance to harassment and CC.
Plunder Skills
  • Promote Promote
  • Pillage Pillage
  • ResiliencePlunder Resilience
Plunder excels at pushing and seiging the enemy base.
Razer Skills
  • Into the Shadows Into the Shadows
  • Carnivorous Carnivorous
  • Savagery Savagery
Razer excels at boosting attack capabilities.
Tink Skills
  • Enhanced Defenses Enhanced Defenses
  • Brace for Impact Brace for Impact
  • Augmented Repairs Augmented Repairs
Tink excels at boosting defensive capabilities.
Topps Skills
  • Zap! Zap!
  • Immolate Immolate
  • Unleash Unleash
Topps excels at boosting close-proximity offensive capabilities.
Tortus Skills
  • Rejuvinate Rejuvinate
  • Harden Harden
  • Vitality Vitality
Tortus excels at boosting survivability.


Pets level up at every 3 levels of Player Account, capping at level 9 when the player is level 24.

It learns first skills at pet level 1, 2, 4. Second skill at lvl 3, 5, 8. Third skill at level 6, 7, 9.


It takes 1200 feathers to unlock the other two starter pets, 3000 feathers for any of the other 5. The cost increases as players unlock more.


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