MidKnight comic art


The Lady and the Lightning

MidKnight, High Knight of Tempra, otherwise known as the "Knight in the Middle," is a native of Tempra and a formidable midwarrior.


MidKnight was one of the first heroes summoned to partake in the Trials of Strife, alongside Rook and Minerva. He agreed, but only if he got to solomid. He is most commonly remembered for his famous quote during the Throw Wars: "mid or feed."

An exercise was initiated where he and Minerva had to take a generator from Rook and LexiKhan. MidKnight managed to incapacitate Rook, but was subsequently downed by LexiKhan. After explaining how the generators worked, LexiKhan took the group to be healed, and showed them statues of the Keepers of the Code. MidKnight commented on the lack of representation of Fobus. After showing them Krytos, the deceased Keeper's former pet, LexiKhan explained how Fobus had been killed by the Dharkwave.


MidKnight sees a sketch of Bastion

That night, MidKnight met with LexiKhan in the graveyard outside the arena. The Keeper informed him of a slave boy from Gael named Bastion, how some were calling him the "golden child of prophecy," and that he was on his way to the arena. For LexiKhan, this was a distraction at a time when distractions could be ill afforded, and ordered MidKnight to take care of the matter. MidKnight stated that he would kill him, that it was best to not leave unfinished business lying around. LexiKhan objected, and told MidKnight to only scare the boy off. MidKnight agreed, for a fee, and set off with Krytos in tow.[1]


Lorewise, MidKnight is a major character. However, S2 games has given no indication of him being playable.[2]


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