"I am LexiKhan. Welcome to the arena, and welcome to Strife."
—LexiKhan greets his allies[1]
LexiKhan's official art


The Lady and the Lightning

The Keeper LexiKhan is a warrior and a scribe. His sentinel pet is a dragon named Zephyros.[2] He is one of the six Keepers of the Code.[1]


The Arena of StrifeEdit

"Final renovations on the Arena are underway. Soon, the Trials will begin. May the Oracles send us worthy heroes."

- LexiKhan(src)

With the loss of the Rune of Darkstone, the Keepers of the Code entrusted LexiKhan to form the Army of Light. He greeted three heroes who showed up, Minerva, Rook, and MidKnight. He initiated an exercise where he and Rook defended a generator from the other two. By the end of it, he was the last one standing. After explaining how the generators worked, he took the heroes to be healed. As they did so, he showed them the statues built in honor of the Keepers of the Code, and explained the lack of an honorific to Fobus, along with showing them the Keeper's former sentinel pet, Krytos.

As night fell, LexiKhan met MidKnight in the graveyard and informed him of the tales surrounding Bastion—that he was the "golden boy of prophecy" and was on his way to the arena. To LexiKhan, he was a distraction that he did not wish to deal with, and ordered MidKnight to keep him away from the arena, but not kill him. MidKnight agreed (for a fee) and set off with Krytos.[1]

The AlchemistEdit

The Lady and the LightningEdit


According to the Strife comic, LexiKhan is a native of Gael.[1] According to his Twitter fiction however, he is a native of Stryfe.[3]


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