The Keepers of the Code, as represented on the Great Seal of Strife

The Keepers of the Code are a group of six individuals[1] who shaped the world(s) of Strife.[2] It is they who watch over Strife and the six planes adjoined to it.[1] They were tasked with enforcing an ancient set of instructions given to them thousands of years ago by the Oracles. This includes the prophecy that the plane of Sheol will one day open, freeing the Dharkwave.[3]

When the Rune of Darkstone went missing, the only key to opening the portal to Sheol,[4] the Keepers ordered the formation of the Army of Light and the construction of the Arena of Strife to train the army's future champions.[1]

Known MembersEdit

Keepers of the Code

The Keepers of the Code, as represented in the Arena of Strife


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