"I'm Ace, the pride of Tempra, the baddest dude in the room, and the best looking man you'll ever meet."

- Ace(src)

Tempra Tempra
Health 708(+52)
Health Regen 2.83(+0.21)
Mana 288(+10)
Mana Regen 2.9(+0.06)
Damage 63(+2.93)
Attack Speed 0.9
Armor 10 (+1.5)
Magic Armor 20 (+2.5)
Movement Speed 350
Attack Range 180
Turn Rate 900
Role Tank

Ace, the Pride of Tempra is a participant in the Trials of Strife.

Ace is voiced by Lucas Schuneman.


Ace is a a strong, but cocky hero with ice powers.[1] Hailing from Tempra, he gained his strength and notoriety fighting the wild beasts of the frozen ice mountains. In his hometown, he is a living legend (but nowhere more so than in his own mind). Ace’s cocky demeanor and hard-hitting ice fists have gained him a reputation as “The Pride of Tempra”. Now he fights in the trials, hoping to add more trophies to his mantle.[2]

Gameplay Edit

Ace is a versatile hero with good initiation.[2] While Ace's play-style is geared towards being 'tanky', he is capable of doing solid damage as well depending on build. This allows him to juggle between playing as a tank or a bruiser dependent on the team's needs.


Spincicle Mana Cost: 60/65/70/75 Cooldown: 6 seconds Radius: 350 
Activate to deal 95/130/165/200 Magic damage to enemies around you over 4 spins in 1s.
Avalanche Mana Cost: 100 Cooldown: 18/16/14/12 seconds Range: 600 Radius: 300 
Target position to leap there, dealing 75/100/125/150 Magic damage and applying a 50% tapering movement slow for 3.5 seconds.

Can use Frostbite, Pet abilities, and Items while using Spincicle

Frostbite Mana Cost: 50 Cooldown: 12 seconds 
Activate to spawn 4 icicles lasting 5s, reducing incoming hero damage by 35% .

When damaged by an enemy, an icicle is consumed, dealing 30/42/53/65 Magic damage and applying a stacking 15/20/25/30% movement slow to the attacker.

Ace in the Hole Mana Cost: 100/115/130 Cooldown: 60 seconds Range: 200 
Ace in the Hole
Target enemy to deal 255/340/425 Magic damage.

If target is killed, restores 25% of Ace's health and mana. Cast time 0.8s

  • On double activation, targets the closest visible enemy hero within 600 radius


  • Patch 0.4.7
    • Spincicle (Q): Mana cost reduced from 60/70/80/90 to 60/65/70/75
  • Patch 0.4.5
    • Frostbite (E): Will now only trigger in response to damage from heroes, rather than all sources of damage
  • Patch 0.4.0
    • Avalanche: Cooldown scaling to 18/16/14/12 seconds from 24/20/16/12
    • Frostbite: Damage reduction to flat 35% from 25/30/35/40%
    • Frostbite: Slow speed scales 15/20/25/30% from flat 20%
    • Frostbite: Cooldown to 12 seconds from 14
  • Patch 0.2.44
    • Frostbite: Increased damage reduction to 25/30/35/40 from 20/25/30/35
    • Frostbite: Decreased Mana cost to 50 from 70
  • Patch 0.2.34
    • Avalanche: Casting the skill out of range will now immediately jump in the target direction.
      • This makes the skill consistent with all other mobility skills in the game.
  • Patch 0.2.30
    • Spincicle: Can now use Frostbite, Pet abilities, and Items while using Spincicle
  • Patch 0.2.28
    • Spincicle: Can no longer use other abilities while spinning



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